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Welcome to Cook's Tour - This event is now run by AAA Racing
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Message from Race Promotions:

To our Glasshouse Trails Community,

As many may be aware, we closed our retail store in 2018. Since then we concentrated on the different events in our race calendar and this year we have decided to explore some different opportunities and have handed the reigns of the four events – Hares and Hounds, Cook's Tour, Flinder's Tour and the Glasshouse 100 over to AAA Racing. The team at AAA racing are no strangers to Glasshouse, with both Susannah and Alun having competed in the events over many years.

During the 10 years that Race Promotions has organised the Glasshouse Trail Series, we have donated a significant amount of money to local charities and running groups. We have seen some awesome improvements on the trail network in the area including signage and facilities.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank a few very important people in the development of the Glasshouse Trail Series. Firstly – to Ian Javes – the man behind Glasshouse Trails since its inception. You have created an amazing series of events, and we were humbled to be the caretakers of them and to continue to introduce people to them. To Charlie - We fondly call Charlie ‘Mr Glasshouse’. He knows the area better than all of us and is always out on course in his ute, helping runners, resupplying stations and generally being wherever he is needed. To our fantastic medical team – Peter and Gerrald. We know that many of our runners, especially those in the ultra distance events, have benefited from their expertise on course and at base. And finally, to Bruce Cook. Phil’s partner in crime, Bruce has spent countless hours running, walking and riding his mountain bike through the Glasshouse areas sorting out courses, seeking new trails and rehashing courses after fire, flood and storms always with a smile and dry wit. His speciality is finding ‘little’ hills and beautiful views for us all to enjoy the Glasshouse region.

And finally, but certainly not least of all, thank you to all of the people who have become part of our Glasshouse Trails community. Many of you come back race after race, and it’s like being part of a big family. We have loved sharing your adventures, your accomplishments and helping you achieve your goals.

We will continue to run the Mt Mee Marathon/trail event which is scheduled for 19th April 2020. Mt Mee Marathon now has its own dedicated Facebook page and a new web site is scheduled to be up and running soon: www.mtmeemarathon.com.au

The Glasshouse Trail Series Facebook page will become a part of the AAA Racing page and will remain a fantastic vehicle to find out information about the events coming up as part of the new Glasshouse Trail Series. We hope that you will all continue to support Glasshouse Trails as they become part of the AAA Racing calendar.

Until then, we hope to see you out on the trails – as we are intending to get back out running on the trails ourselves more regularly too!

Phil, Bruce and Ange.