We are please to announce that we have received approvals to hold the event on 19th July, with a small, capped field of athletes. We also are required to limit numbers of event staff and marshals. Fortunately, being a trail event, we will be able to manage the flow of people more easily than a road event. There will be some organisational changes including the availability of drop bags for all aid stations and the use of bottled water.

We intend to re-open entries on Monday 22 June 2020

Please note: All those who had registered for this year's event will be automatically transferred to the new date. Those for whom the 19th July data is not suitable have been requested via e-mail to inform us by the end of 21st June with their selection of 2 choices for handling their entry fee:

1) Refund of entry fee, less $5

2) Donation of entry fee to our charity of choice – Hear and Say Foundation, which is a Brisbane based charity providing the gift of hearing to children and adults.. Those who choose this tin will receive tax receipt for you for the cost of their entry fee.

Please contact us at  events@racepromo.com.au

if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

This the second event for the 2020 Glasshouse Trail series.

2020 marks the 26th Anniversary of this iconic event.  Some more history about this event can be found at the end of this page.

Race Promotions is the organiser. The Run Inn Runners provide volunteers for all checkpoints.

The events are:

Marathon Solo Run – 7.00am

Marathon Relay Run (2 runners) – 7.00am

Half-marathon Solo Run – 8.30am

9km Run – 9.00am

9km Walk – 9.00am

A Short History of the Mt Mee Classic 

Over the years the event has undergone numerous course changes, mainly due to safety reasons and forest closures. The first event
traversed the favourite training haunts of the Caboolture Road Runners who would start at the Wamuran shops and run out and back
along Campbell's Pocket Road to Mt Mee Hall. Gary Parsons, the first race director, altered the course slightly by running downhill first
for 12.5km and back up the same way on bitumen road. Distances were 50 (2 laps), 25 and 10km.

This course was altered slightly after a few years to add in some dirt road (Top Yard and Tidwell Rds) and this helped with safety -
having runners on only one side of the road.

When Gary entered politics he handed the event to Phil Hungerford (Race Director) and Bruce Cook (Course Organiser) in 2004.
2005 saw a change of venue with headquarters at the Mt Mee Showgrounds. Kids' events were also added and more off-road terrain
added. Course went out Pedwell Rd, onto the recreation walking trail into Wamuran Basin, back up Campbell's Pocket Rd, Top Yard and
Tidwell Rd for the 26km. The 50 and 10km events used Settlement Rd for balance of the distance. 2009 saw a new concept with the
axing of the 50km and the introduction of the standard marathon distance. A point to point journey was also added with the start in the
main street of Dayboro and finishing in the Mt Mee Showgrounds. The course included Mt Brisbane Rd, into Mt Mee State Forest,
Chambers Rd, Peggs Rd, Sellin Rd, Neurum Ck Rd, Centipede Rd, Fife Rd, out of the forest and Settlement Rd. 2010 saw the reverse
direction, downhill, attempted.

Major floods in 2011 caused the cancellation of the event. Major forest damage saw the rerouting of the course in 2012. Starting in
Dayboro the course was altered from the Gantry. An 8km loop was added in the West Escarpment Rd region to make up the distance
and then running out of the forest area along Sellin Rd, into Fraser's Farm, along Hewitt Rd easement and out onto Settlement Rd
In 2013 there were more route changes due to forest logging on the northern part of the course. The annual course direction reversal
presented some issues.

In 2015  we planned to start at The Gantry in D'Aguilar National Park and traverse a northern loop (Loveday's Rd, La Traverse and
Neurum Ck Rd), then most of the 2010 course. Unfortunately the 2015 event had to be cancelled due to bad weather. We were able
to run the event with no further course changes from 2016 to 2018, despite closure of all other South-East Queensland forests due to
weather in 2017.

The Mt Mee Marathon is sponsored by:

 Brisbane City Landrover

                            Wildfire Sports Lyons